Is CRIPtic for me?

You might have seen the buzz about CRIPtic, and how we’re offering a personalised, tailored, paid programme of mentoring and development to 4 performers (or groups of up to 4 people), culminating in a performance at the Barbican, and you might have glanced over it, and thought “it’s not for me”.
Maybe it is…

CRIPtic isn’t for me – I don’t know if I’m disabled

Not everyone who is disabled necessarily understands themselves that way. Some people use other words – mad, neurodivergent, chronically ill, or don’t see their position as being disabled, but as being part of a cultural and linguistic minority of Deaf people.

The way we use the word “disabled” is to mean “facing access barriers”. Have you had difficulty in accessing the theatre world because your needs weren’t being met? Would you struggle with a programme that wasn’t able to meet those needs? Would you be unable to take up a performance opportunity that wasn’t able to adapt itself? If so, you’re welcome. Come in. Come home.

CRIPtic isn’t for me – I don’t think my access needs can be met

Try us. I can’t promise we can meet everyone’s access needs, but I can promise we will talk, and we will try. We want disabled people as their whole selves. Are you a Shakespearean dramatist who speaks only using AAC? Are you a dancer with movement in just one finger? Are you a singer with learning disabilities who needs constant support? We’re here, and we want you. We want to talk to you, and see if we can work with you. We’ve got money to throw at access problems. We’ve got experienced access workers. We’ve got a skilled, disabled team – and maybe it’s not possible – but don’t assume this isn’t for you, because it is, and we want you.

I’m BAME / a person of colour / working class / marginalised in the arts and I don’t know if CRIPtic is for me

One of the main commitments from the outset has been that we’re trying to reach people who experience significant marginalisation in the arts. If you are struggling with the pitch form, or you are worried about work and money, or childcare, or anything like that, speak to us. We’re happy to provide help with the form for anyone that needs to talk their ideas through and work it out with us. We’re happy to adapt the application process – we don’t want anyone to feel excluded from it for any reason.

CRIPtic isn’t for me – I’m too inexperienced

We’re casting CRIPtic based on potential. We don’t need you to have a finished idea – we don’t want you to have a piece you’re bringing. We want you to have an idea that you can work through over 8 months, with monthly mentoring sessions. We want you to change, grow, and develop, and we’re here to support you as you do that. We want performance footage – but film it on your mobile at home. Record it on an old camera. Whatever you can do – we’re waiting to see it. We don’t want the finished product, we want to work with you and get you from where you are to where you need to be

CRIPtic isn’t for me – I’m too experienced

This is a hard one. We are aiming to showcase people who haven’t had their big break yet. We anticipate that performing at the Barbican will be the biggest thing you’ve done in this art-form – because we want it to change your life. But we’re flexible. Are you working with a new disability? Or in a new artform? Is there a reason why this would change things for you? If so – apply

CRIPtic isn’t for me – I’m shielding

CRIPtic will be entirely online for the mentoring and development. We are hoping to perform at the Barbican in the autumn – but this isn’t obligatory and we won’t force you to do something that isn’t safe. We want performances that have a live element and can be delivered digitally – so if it’s not safe for you to come, that’s fine.

CRIPtic isn’t for me – I can’t get to London?

This is another hard one. We are anticipating running a majority-live programme in the Pit – this is primarily for theatre performers – but this isn’t obligatory. If you wouldn’t be able to have your access needs met in London (and we’re happy to contribute to costs of care, provide hoists, pay for hotels etc), then let us know that, and apply anyway. We’re not ruling anyone out

CRIPtic isn’t for me – I don’t know if I have the time to commit?

The time commitment is a significant part of CRIPtic – and broken down we would expect you to:

– Attend a 1-2 hour mentoring session monthly
– Attend a 1-2 hour workshop monthly
– Make changes to and developing your pitch and piece based on the mentoring session and workshop
– Attend a 1 hour check-in with the CRIPtic team every two months
– Attend other training and workshop as we agree that you need it

In the run-up to the online work shopping of your piece in July, there will be rehearsals, and the same this autumn in the run-up to the eventual showcase at the Barbican. There will be a week of rehearsals in London (unless we agree otherwise) before the showcase

CRIPtic isn’t for me – I don’t know if I can afford to do this?

If the barrier is your expenditure – we might be able to help. If you need childcare, or an access worker, or equipment – talk to us. If the barrier is your income – this is a paid opportunity. You will be paid to attend the monthly mentoring session, and for the work shopping in the summer, and the showcase in the autumn. You will be asked to attend the workshops and check-ins unpaid, but these will be with industry-leading professionals to help in your creative development. The exact amount we will be paying depends on the groups ultimately commissioned, but we will all be working for the same pay – whether you’re Jamie, or one of the performers, or the director, we’re working on a flat pay scale. We wouldn’t ask you to work for money we wouldn’t work for!

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