What is the deadline for performer applications?

Applications for CRIPtic 2021 have now closed. The deadline to apply to perform in CRIPtic 2021 was 28 February 2021

Do I have to have my idea ready to perform?

No! As long as you have your idea in pitch format and some evidence of your previous performance work, that’s plenty as you’ll work on your idea during the year. We do not want finished ideas – we want the rough genesis of something new

I’m a playwright or composer not a performer – can I still apply?

CRIPtic is a performance showcase so all applications need to have the performers selected already, even if the work isn’t accepted. If you want to be part of the group and develop the play alongside them in the programme, that’s totally fine, but the maximum group size is 4, and smaller groups are more likely to be commissioned – so now’s the time for that two-hander or solo show you have in mind.

My show has a director as part of the team, is that okay?

As the showcase needs to hold together we will be providing a director to direct the whole event. This means that you don’t need a director on your team in order to participate, and indeed shouldn’t have one!

I’m a director/sound designer/lighting designer/dramaturg – can I still apply?

At the moment we’re selecting artists and recruiting a producer. We will open for applications for other roles with the production in late February, though exactly what those roles will be is in to be confirmed

What is the time commitment?

You will be doing two shows. One (in person, hopefully) at the Barbican in the autumn, and a workshop space online in about July. Rehearsals at the Barbican will be a week, and for the online sharing will be two days. These are all paid. You (and your group) will also have a monthly mentoring session online with another disabled artist for which you will be paid. You will then be asked to attend free monthly workshops from industry experts, which are unpaid but valuable, and will get additional support and free training where it’s necessary. Anticipate attending 3x 2 hour sessions a month at minimum.

What’s the pay?

Wage rates are anticipated to be £700 for the full week of rehearsals, including two performances.

Furthermore, during the project and to support you to develop your work, we intend to pay £150/artist/month to attend a mentoring session and work on developing your piece, and £200 to perform/workshop your piece at the midway point. You will also be asked to attend free monthly workshops with industry-leading experts, and be offered specific free workshops and one-to-one sessions tailored to your needs as an artist, to support you in strengthening the skills you want to prioritise.
We have a budget to pay for access needs, including captioners, BSL interpreters, access workers, and potentially other small equipment costs. If you want to discuss this and your specific access costs further please email perform@cripticshowcase.com

Do I have to have experience?

We’re looking for people who are ’emerging’. This means you shouldn’t have already had a major showcase opportunity, but that you should have some performance experience already. If you want to discuss this further please email us at perform@cripticshowcase.com

I have specific access needs – will they be met?

We will do our best to meet everyone’s access needs. We will be able to provide BSL, captioning, and audio-description for workshops and mentoring as required, and will also be captioning/describing/interpreting all performances. Any space we use will be wheelchair accessible and there is an adapted bathroom very near the stage at the Barbican. We have dedicated funds for artist access, and will have access workers on hand to support during performance week. If you have other specific access needs we will do our utmost to meet them, and if you’re concerned please email perform@cripticshowcase.com

I wouldn’t be able to get to London. Can I still take part?

We would be funding travel and hotels as needed for people coming from outside London. If travelling isn’t possible for you and your idea is digital (or you’ve devised something but can’t come while your performers can) that’s totally fine.

My idea will only work in person and not digitally. Can I still apply?

Due to the current situation we are only commissioning work that will work digitally as well as in person in case the showcase has to move online.

My idea will only work digitally and will not have a live/in person element. Can I still apply?

We would prefer ideas to have an optional live element but if that isn’t possible this isn’t a bar to being selected. If travel to London is an access barrier then this (obviously) wouldn’t disadvantage your application

I’m struggling with the form, can someone help me?

Of course! Email us on perform@cripticshowcase.com to set up a zoom where you can have access support (in English or BSL) with the form

What artforms are you looking for?

We’re looking for art that works on stage. This could be traditional theatre, music, poetry, dance, circus etc, it could be digital work (ideally with live elements) made up of visual art, it could be soundscapes – the opportunities are endless and if you’re not sure, just email us. If your artform is primarily music, we will work with you to incorporate a visual element for Deaf audience members. Similarly if it is primarily visual we will work with you on creative audio-description.

Who decides on who gets selected?

There will be an initial selection process by Jamie, with assistance from others. After that, we will probably interview acts either in writing or on Zoom, and a final decision will be made. This is led by Jamie but artform-related experts will be brought in to assist.
If your application is in BSL then a native BSL speaker will review it.

Why have you asked my diversity information?

CRIPtic only has places for 4 people or groups, and a maximum of 8 people on the programme as a whole. This means that we’re very aware that we could accidentally create a programme that was not at all diverse. We want to make sure that this experience is offered to a wide range of people. You don’t have to answer these if you don’t want to but it will help us if you do.

I’m neurodivergent/autistic/have a chronic condition/have mental health problems – can I still apply?

CRIPtic is open to, and exclusively for, d/Deaf and disabled artists, including all of those listed above.

What are the criteria for selection?

We will be basing selection on the following:

  • How good is your pitch?
  • Is it feasible?
  • Does it fit with your track record as a creative?
  • Does it work well online (e.g via Zoom)?
  • Does it have an in-person component? (This is preferred but not essential, and if you would face access barriers in doing an in-person event at the Barbican then we will not take this into account in decision-making
  • How have you approached making it accessible? Can it be made creative, interesting and accessible for audiences with a wide range of access barriers?
  • We will then also consider equity, meaning that we will analyse the diversity questions to ensure that we have a diverse selection of artists, and that we will consider the access barriers artists face in the theatre world and focus the opportunity on people who are less likely to be able to have their access needs met on a mainstream programme.

Where will the mentoring and workshops be held?

Mentoring and workshops will be held online, and we will make every effort to meet the access requirements of everyone participating, including captioning and BSL where necessary, access workers etc. If you do not have reliable access to the internet and online events, we may be able to assist.

Where will the performance be held?

There will be an online work shopping of everyone’s proposal in about July. The performance itself will be in the Pit at the Barbican in October if that is safe, and online if not. We will happily accommodate people sending digital work instead of live work if they are unable to access the theatre.