CRIPtic is a theatre project.

A photo of Jamie Hale wearing a blue shirt

It is run by Jamie Hale.

An icon for inclusivity

It is for d/Deaf and disabled performers.

A group of musicians

This includes musicians, actors, dancers, comedians, and other performers.


It has places for four artists or groups of up to four people.

Performers on a stage

We are looking for artists who have performed before.

A person training a group

CRIPtic is for training and performance.

Calendar with March to October circled

CRIPtic is from March until October 2021.

three calendars with one date circled
A person with a mentor sat behind a desk

The artists will meet with a mentor once a month.

A mentor discussing ideas with a person

A mentor is someone who can help the artists make their idea happen.

A person with money

We will pay the artists to come to these meeting.

three calendars with one date circled
A group of people at a workshop

We will also invite the artist to a monthly workshop.

A group of people at a workshop

The workshop will be on something different each month.

Two computers connected to the internet

In the summer artists will do their performance online.

A band performs on stage

In October artists will do their performance at the Barbican Theatre.

Two carers receiving pay

We will pay for any support the artists need to take part.

An application form

If you want to be one of the artists please apply.

A person having an idea shown as a lightbulb

We are looking for performances that are new and different.

An application form

To apply you need to fill in a form.

A man pointing to himself

The form will ask you about yourself.

A man having an idea, shown as a lightbulb

The form will ask you about your performance idea.

A clock showing 20 minutes

Your idea should be for a performance of 15 to 20 minutes.


It can contain up to 4 people. we are more likely to select smaller groups.

A band playing on stage with the text 'past performances'

The form will ask you about performances you have done in the past.

A pile of photos

It will ask you for videos or photos from those performances.

A hand with a pen with the text 'fill in your form in writing'
A picture of a camera with the text 'record a video'

You can fill in the form in writing or you can record videos.

A picture of a computer mouse with the text 'email for help with your form'

If you need help with the form please send us an email.

A picture of a hand underneath a form with the text 'help writing your form'

Someone will help you fill in the form.