Is CRIPtic for me?

Is CRIPtic for me? You might have seen the buzz about CRIPtic, and how we’re offering a personalised, tailored, paid programme of mentoring and development to 4 performers (or groups of up to 4 people), culminating in a performance at the Barbican, and you might have glanced over it, and thought “it’s not for me”.Maybe it is… CRIPtic isn’t for me – I don’t know if I’m disabled Not everyone who is disabled necessarily understands themselves that way. Some people use other words – mad, neurodivergent, chronically ill, or don’t see their position as being disabled, but as being part

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CRIPtic 2021

After a fallow year in 2020, CRIPtic is delighted to announce that it will be returning in 2021. A groundbreaking festival created and developed entirely by d/Deaf and disabled artists (led by Jamie Hale), CRIPtic will showcase the future of disability arts in the UK, through a supportive programme mentoring 4 disabled artists or small groups, from pitch to performance at the Barbican Centre. Applications will open in early January

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