Pitches & Applications open

I’m pleased to tell you applications / pitches for performers and non-performing creatives in CRIPtic showcase is now open.

It is so rare for D/deaf and disabled artists and creatives to be given room to tell our own stories. So often we’re other people’s characters in spaces designed by, and for non-disabled/hearing people, packaged for non-disabled/hearing audiences. CRIPtic is our space, to do as we wish. To tell our own stories, our own way. To celebrate our selves.

If you’re D/deaf or disabled and do something you could do on stage, apply / pitch your idea for the CRIPtic showcase. Built around themes of the anger, joy, and resilience of living as D/deaf and disabled in the world, we’re looking for performers to bring something new and different.

As a result, we’re open to any type of performance – if you can do it on stage, why not do it on stage at the Barbican.

For more information about the call for performers see (link)

As well as looking for performers, we’re also looking for non-performing creatives, so if you’re D/deaf or disabled and do anything theatre-associated – director, producer, lighting or sound, photographer, videographer, choreographer – whatever you do, bring it.

The idea is to put together an entirely D/deaf and disabled team, for Jamie’s show NOT DYING and for the broader CRIPtic showcase.

For more about the call for non-performing creatives / backstage team (link)