Incredible applicants!

The applications from people hoping to perform and work at CRIPtic are now in, and they’re of an incredibly high quality. We have everything from musicians, poets and comedians to actors, dancers, and clowns. The range of proposals and ideas is excellent and we’re very excited to start looking through them.

Over the next few weeks, the CRIPtic team will immerse ourselves in exciting disability art, and start getting in touch with people where we want more information, so we can begin to arrange interviews and shortlist acts.

We will also be looking through the applications to work at CRIPtic – we’ve had some wonderful people apply, with bucketloads of experience, and interviewing and arranging a team will be great fun.

Thanks to everyone who applied to perform or work at CRIPtic (or both). It’s so heartwarming and encouraging to be exposed to the variety and extent of d/Deaf and disabled talent out there.