CRIPtic Pit Party – Jamie Hale

Friday the 11th & Saturday the 12th of October 2019 – tickets now on sale (link)

A showcase of D/deaf and disabled artists curated by Jamie Hale is coming to the Barbican in October 2019

Poet and performer Jamie Hale is curating an evening showcase in the Pit at the Barbican on the 11th and 12th of October 2019. CRIPtic will feature four to six D/deaf and disabled artists, alongside Hale’s debut show, NOT DYING.

NOT DYING is a work of poetry and narrative storytelling, exploring living with the presence of dying, and existing as a disabled person in the world. With comedy, tragedy, grief, joy, and soaring defiance, Jamie tackles topics from sex to assisted suicide with courage and frankness. The show asks questions on everyone’s mind – how can I live my best life, making the world a better place in the limited time offered to me. NOT DYING will be directed by Kate O’Donnell.

Work from this show has been described as “writing of the highest quality, finding fresh language and new approaches” – Tim Hochstrasser, Plays to See

“an acerbically funny and deeply thought-provoking monologue […] Hale is a compelling and witty performer who makes you laugh and reflect in equal measure” – Agnes Carrington-Windo, Plays to See

Unashamedly loud and proud, Hale comes alive – and is indeed at his best – when he’s making comedy […] he takes command of the stage […] He’s clearly on the ascendant with last years’ Spread the Word award under his belt. He comes across as confident and full of potential as a writer and performer. – Colin Hambrook, Disability Arts Online

Jamie Hale can be reached at, @jamierhale on Twitter, and at