Film Commission for NOT DYING

I (Jamie Hale) am seeking D/deaf and/or disabled filmmakers to film and edit video/audio for short poetry films to accompany my solo poetry show NOT DYING at the Barbican Centre this autumn. I am looking for filmmakers to produce this, and would like a quote and to commission someone (subject to funding confirmation in July, no work to be done before funding is confirmed). The filming will take place in London.

This brief will preferably be given to a D/deaf or disabled filmmaker as I am trying to ensure that all money stays in D/deaf and/or disabled communities. Filming will be in wheelchair accessible venues, filming and editing of both video and audio will be required.

Content notes include death and dying, hospitals, suicide, sex, social care, disablism

  •  The filming and editing of several short audio and visual poetry films totally up to 15 minutes of film
    •  Film of hands being washed – 30 seconds
    •  Film of poem about dying – 1.5 minutes
    •  Films of 4 separate poetic stanzas about suicide – 2 minutes in total
    •  Films of single poetry line x3 – 30 seconds
    •  Filming several shots and editing with existing film into a 2 minute sequence
    •  Up to 7.5 minutes of other poetry videoed and/or edited
  •  The filming and rough editing of an (approx.) 40 minute poetry show (filmed in segments of approx. 5 minutes and edited into one film as contingency against myself being too ill to perform at the last minute

Anticipated filming: 1 – 1.5 days for short audio and visual poetry films, 1 – 1.5 days for poetry show film

Plus editing

If you are potentially interested, please get in touch with to send examples of your work, provide a quote, and ask any questions